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9/6/06 09:49 am - csi__grissom - Meanwhile, back in the real world......

Who: Anyone
Where: Lab
When: After the episode with Tim.

Grissom couldn't seem to find anything he was looking for. He'd started out on a mission to get his processed evidence, but he couldn't quite convince his body to move that way. Instead, he'd wandered around the almost deserted lab, trying to find what he needed without having to confront Tim in the Trace lab again. He wasn't sure if Tim was there, but he'd rather not find out.

Ballistics turned up another dead end. The rifling belonged to a Smith and Wesson, but the slug could never have been fired from the suspected murder weapon, which was a 9mm Beretta. There was another gun out there, but apparently the husband's only registered weapon wasn't it. Gil sighed, and thanked Bobby, then headed to the Print lab. Jacqui didn't find more than a few partials, and nothing was in CODIS. Another dead end.

Grissom was left with a few choices. He could bite the proverbial bullet and go to trace. He could go see what Archie had turned up from the surveillance tapes, or he could go to the breakroom and get positively hyper drinking an entire pot of Greg's Blue Hawaiian, while he waited until he could make his mind up. Coffee won, beating out the trip to Archie's territory by a hair, and the Trace lab by a landslide.

Grissom snuck a look to make sure the coast was clear, then made a bee line for the coffee pot. Maybe he could even grab the pot and take it back to his office with it, lock the door and hide until end of shift. Sounded like a plan, but he had the odd sense he wasn't truly alone.

7/31/06 08:54 pm - csi__grissom

Who: timmy_speedle
Where: The Lab
When: After the bar episode.

Things being that they are in Vegas, Grissom just got through processing an abandoned car. Laden down with trace, he headed back to the lab to do the hand off to Hodges. He'd tape lifted, vaccumed, printed, swabbed, and went over it with a fine tooth comb. He'd come back with more stuff than he'd imagined. The R.O. of the vehicle was still at large, but they obviously did everything in their car. He'd come across bodily fluids from several encounters in the back seat as well as both front bucket seats, and was once again hit with how sad his life had been since Sara abandoned him.

Gil hoped to make the drop without any conversation with the surly lab tech, even though Hodges manner had improved over the last 6 months. He didn't feel like conversation. He wanted his stuff processed while he composed his notes. He came down the hall, and through the lab door, already talking to David as he did so. "Ok, Hodges. This is everything...." His head came up and he was shocked enough to blurt out, "What are you doing here? Where's Hodges?"

7/19/06 01:00 am - csi__grissom

Who: Anyone who's a little blue
Where: Mickey's bar
When: Current times

Grissom had given up. It had been a month since he'd seen or heard from Sara. The townhouse was like a tomb. She'd pretty much taken everything, but he found a rattle she's missed. He kept it in the pocket of his lab coat or windbreaker, whichever he was wearing, and it became almost a talisman. He'd find himself absently stroking it, and tell himself to stop.

He'd broken down and hired a private investigator, it was costing way more than he'd anticipated, but he couldn't take the waiting, the not knowing. Gil had started keeping a bottle of bourbon in his desk drawer, a bad habit he'd picked up from Brass. But he'd found the occasional drink to relax had turned into four or five, and taking nips between paperwork, or between trips to and from the lab had become a daily occurrence.

Grissom was feeling particularly down and after one really depressing day, he'd gone straight to Mickey's instead of home. He'd been holding down the bar ever since. Four hours now. He waved to Red, the biker looking bartender and threw another twenty on the bar. Grissom wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

7/5/06 10:57 pm - ___greggo

WHO: Anyone and everyone!
WHERE: Break room
WHEN: Greg still can't find his watch
WHY: We haven't done anything in a while. Pointless RPing is fun. :)

6/12/06 07:32 pm - timmy_speedle

WHO: Anyone.
WHEN: Most recent.
WHERE: Vegas Lab.


Well, it's been a while since he stepped foot in the Vegas lab, not since..hm, well not since Grissom chose Sara over himself. That was quite a blow to the ego, especially after Gil swore up and down that he would stay with him and all that bullshit. Of course he believed it. He supposed that was his first mistake.

But now he was mostly over it and he was back. He had transferred to Vegas and he would stick it out. Didn't matter who he had to work with. If it was Gil or Sara well, then Timmy would have to deal with it, probably as immature as possible.

He wandered down the hall, looking for someone he could speak with about finally getting a case. If he had to jump through a few hoops to gain back some respect then so be it. Whatever.

Timmy had heard about a few major cases going on and he would be willing to join in one of the bigger cases, none of the piddly crap like breaking or entering. Something like that Greg might handle, but Timmy was above that. CSI level 1 thank you. He would just have to wait and see who would give him what and just how much he would have to argue with that person.

6/9/06 05:24 pm - csi__grissom - When Food Stuffs Go Bad. Crack!Fic/Thread thing.

Who: Greggo and anyone
Where: The Lab Breakroom
When: Doesn't really matter.

Gil had once again run out of room for his experiments in the lab fridge, and his office fridge, and any other cold storage method he had access to. He carefully looked around, and noticing no one, he stuck his latest project into the breakroom fridge, between the bananas(which don't belong in the cold) and the Bran Muffins he brought from the store earlier that week. Closing the door quietly and feeling all sly, he smiled a smug smirk and headed back to his office.

He hoped that no one would throw a hissy this time, like the time he ruined Nick's lunch with the bad blood he'd stored in there. If his co-workers would just see the experiments as he did, then they wouldn't be giving him such a hard time about it. It wasn't like he was just doing it for the sake of being a pain in the ass. Grissom's experiments were all in the name of scientific discovery, and the lack of adequate space in the lab fridge was hindering his creative potential.

Situated behind his desk again, he recorded the data in one of his many research logs. Time and date recorded, and the specifics of the experiment were jotted down in his neat masculine script. He closed the study, and picked up one of his others, and noted that the experiment was accidentally tossed due to someone's housekeeping efforts. He just wished they'd ask before they threw his stuff out. It wasn't like it wasn't labeled.

5/9/06 08:49 pm - csi__grissom

Who: dr_jane_mieller
Where: Grissom's office
When: After Grissom and Catherine return from the crimescene

Grissom parted company with Catherine, dropped off his evidence with Angie and the other techs, narrowly avoided being cornered by Hodges, and ended up in the privacy of his office. His Sanctum Santorium. He fed Wyatt, his tarantula, checked the experiments in his mini fridge, and settled in to do more of the dreaded paperwork.

Nothing Mrs Harkey had told them was of much help. Josh seemed to be almost catatonic, reminding him of little Brenda after her family had been killed. Grissom didn't like thinking about her, or the evil things that happen to children, but those situations kept arising in his line of work. He sighed heavily, and reviewed what Catherine had taken as their statement. Grissom had listened while they gave their account, but his eyes surveyed the room, trying to get a feel for them.

His mind was taking him back to the scene again, when he heard a knock at the door. His head came up. Was Cath back already? He peered through the open blinds and didn't recognize the face. Grissom stood up, rounded his desk, and opened the door. "Can I help you?"

5/4/06 06:59 pm - csi__grissom

Who: Catherine, Jake, and the film crew
Where: 7306 Cielo Abierto Way, Henderson NV
When: First trip to the crimescene.

Gil and Catherine pulled up to the front of the Harkey residence, home of Joshua and Samantha. Grissom had a chance to read the report as Catherine drove. Father was deceased, and the Mrs. Harkey was between boyfriends. Preliminary information already gathered by the responding officer indicated no problems with the ex-boyfriends, and no other possible grudges held against the family or the boy specifically.

"I don't know what all we'll find new that wasn't already in the report, but you never know. There isn't a list of the people who were present at the park, so maybe we should start there. Josh's playmates and whatnot." Gil paused. "Do you want to talk to them, or poke around?" Grissom was still a little leery of dealing with cases like this, but he didn't want Cath to think he was purposely avoiding the human element again.

4/30/06 11:54 pm - ___greggo

WHO: Anyone is welcome!
WHEN: A day after the foot, the film crew, and all the craziness that ensued.
WHERE: Las Vegas Crime Lab. Layout Room.

3/31/06 11:05 pm - csi__grissom

Who: Film crew and Jake
Where: Grissom's office to start
When: While the crew is filming

Grissom had argued with Ecklie and the Undersheriff for the better part of an hour. He'd explained how a film crew was going to wreak havoc with the lab's processing times, and with the general moralle of the staff members. It would be a major disruption, and may effect the outcome of results, not to mention the possiblity of contamination. The defense attorneys would be filing Motions to suppress left and right.

Gil laid his head down on his desk, letting his eyes rest for a moment. The damn crew was supposed to be arriving shortly, and he wanted no part in it. He would put up with them, but he wasn't going to cooperate. Not by a long shot. He had workd to do, the damn picture people could take a flying leap as far as he was concerned.

3/21/06 07:53 pm - ___greggo

WHO: first csi_nick_stokes, then toughnewschick, then anyone else who wants to participate
WHEN: During a slow shift
WHERE: The break room

12/23/05 09:10 pm - csi_nick_stokes

Who: csi_sara_sidle
When: before grissom and greg get back
Where: Grissom's town house

Nick rang the doorbell a few times before taking a step back. He pushed his hands into the pockets of his coat as he waited for Sara to answer the door.
Las Vegas could get really cold at night.

12/10/05 02:27 pm - ___greggo

WHO: Anyone

WHERE: The Lab Garage

WHEN: Middle of shift

Greg liked cars. Rather, he liked searching through ones that didn't belong to him.Collapse )

11/20/05 07:18 pm - csi__grissom - All hands on deck.

Who: Everyone
Where: Conference Room
When: As soon as everyone can get there.

Monthly staff meeting.Collapse )

11/4/05 04:17 pm - a_halliwell

Who: Anyone!!!

Where: Labs

When: A week after Angie left for NYC

Angie climbed out of her beat up Dodge...Collapse )

10/29/05 04:25 pm - ___greggo

WHO: Anyone and everyone.

WHERE: Break Room

WHEN: A day or so before Halloween, close enough to give Greggo the excuse to wear a costume.

WHY: Just because. :)

Halloween was Greg Sanders' favourite holiday.Collapse )

10/15/05 12:44 pm - ___greggo

WHO: Anyone

WHERE: The Break Room

WHEN: Whenever. Before Greg starts working again.

WHY: The poor boy is getting kind of bored at home.


Greg walked briskly around, looking as if he was very busy doing some serious important work.Collapse )

10/11/05 08:20 pm - csi_nick_stokes

Who: ___greggo

When: The day after the last post

Where: The grocery store

Nick pushed the cart down the aisle watching as random items were tossed inside. He tried to look at Greg, but whenever he did, the younger man always seemed to be in a different place.
Ever since they had walked in, he hadn't stopped moving.
"Greg, do you really need five cases of ramen?" Nick watched with a raised eyebrow as Greg dropped the small boxes into the cart.


10/10/05 09:03 pm - csi__aiden

Who: Anyone
Where: Breakroom
Why: Who knows?

Aiden wandered into the breakroom, hoping to get something with a lot of caffeine. He hadn't been sleeping much lately. So many things going on. The death of his girlfriend, his parents divorce (He often found himself asking "They're both 60 years old, they're going to die soon, whats the point? Just tough it out."), and his dog he's had for 9 years suddenly gets cancer. On top of getting a new job, it was all overwhelming.
He sighed inwardly and spotted a coffee pot sitting on the counter. He walked over and pulled a mug out of the copboard. He started to pour a glass.

10/3/05 10:25 pm - csi_nick_stokes

Who: Greg
When: After Nick's shift
Where: The hospital

Nick walked down the hallway towards Greg's room...Collapse )

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